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Ughoron Investment Limited offers affordable yet luxurious housing solutions in Nigeria. Founded in 2019, our projects reflect contemporary design and cultural heritage in Benin City and Abuja. Our team prioritizes transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction, striving for excellence in every project. Discover our diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs and aspirations. Experience the Ughoron difference, where dreams find their home.

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₦8,000,000 Per Plot


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Property Development

Experience unparalleled expertise and innovation with our premier property development services. From concept to completion, we transform your vision into remarkable spaces that redefine luxury, leaving a lasting impression on every detail.

Sales of Lands and Property

Discover your perfect piece of paradise with our diverse land & property portfolio. Our expert team provides personalized guidance and seamless transaction support to make your land purchase experience smooth and rewarding.

Legals and Documentation

Navigate the complexities of real estate transactions with our comprehensive legal and documentation services. From contract review to closing assistance, our experienced team ensures a seamless and secure process.

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Why Choose Us?

With years of experience in the real estate industry, we have a deep understanding of the market dynamics, trends, and investment opportunities. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with valuable insights and guidance throughout your property journey.

We offer a wide selection of premium properties in prime locations. Each property undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that it meets our high standards of excellence. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious home or a lucrative investment, our portfolio has something to suit every taste and requirement.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on transparency, trust, and integrity. Our commitment to ethical practices and clear communication ensures that you have a seamless and stress-free experience with us. We value your trust and strive to exceed your expectations at every step.

At Ughoron, we understand that every client is unique, with specific needs and preferences. We take the time to listen to your requirements, goals, and budget, and tailor our services accordingly. Our dedicated team provides personalized support and guidance, ensuring that your property journey is smooth and successful.

From property search and acquisition to development and construction, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, an experienced investor, or a developer, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Our integrated services streamline the process, saving you time, effort, and resources.

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Our Offerings

Top Real Estate Offerings Available


We offer land and housing properties at the best prices possible to our clients.


We make sure you get what you see on our briefs to ensure client satisfaction.

Payment Offers

Ughoron offers flexible payment options on properties on sale for easy buy.


We process property documents such as Certificate of Occupancy (CofO's).
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Discover Ere Villa

Experience luxury living at its finest in Ere Villa. Situated in the prestigious Uhie Community, Off Sapele Road, Benin City, this exclusive residential development offers a harmonious blend of tranquility, modern amenities, and convenient access to key landmarks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide a general overview of Ughoron Investment Ltd and address common questions prospective buyers may have.

Ughoron Investment Ltd is a reputable real estate company that specializes in developing and selling high-quality properties in Nigeria. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional residential and commercial projects.

Ughoron Investment Ltd has estates in prime locations across Benin City and Abuja, offering a range of options for individuals and businesses looking to invest in real estate.

Ughoron Investment Ltd offers a diverse portfolio of properties, including residential plots, commercial spaces, and developed housing units. We cater to various needs and budgets, providing flexible options for our clients.

Absolutely! Ughoron Investment Ltd encourages clients to involve their legal representatives to review the documentation, verify the authenticity of the property, and protect their interests throughout the transaction.

Ughoron estates are designed with modern amenities and infrastructure to enhance the living experience. These may include well-paved roads, reliable power supply, water infrastructure, recreational facilities, and 24/7 security measures.

Ughoron Investment Ltd offers convenient payment plans to make property ownership accessible. We provide both outright payment options and installment plans with varying durations, allowing clients to choose what suits them best.

The process typically involves selecting a property, completing the necessary documentation, and making the required payments. Our sales representatives guide clients through each step, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction.

The process typically involves selecting a property, completing the necessary documentation, and making the required payments. Our sales representatives guide clients through each step, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction.

Yes, clients have the option to resell or transfer ownership of their property. However, it is important to notify Ughoron Investment Ltd beforehand and comply with any necessary procedures to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Yes, Ughoron Investment Ltd values long-term relationships with clients. We provide after-sales support and maintenance services to address any concerns and ensure the continued value and quality of our properties.